Bid Consultancy

Fo bid cities and individual companies, we offer Bid consultancy services to aid you with bid planning, strategy, customer contact and publicity to win you success.

bid consultancyMajor Events International is able to write key elements of a bid, both working with your company and acting as external reviewers, including price-to-win aspects. When required, we can also provide bid training and mentoring for your company for longer-term organisational improvement. Bid leadership personnel can be provided to ease the burden on busy companies and provide experienced, specialist skills required to win Wolrd Cup and Olympic procurement opportunities.

As specialists in international business and major events, we know bids must be seen as just one part of the overall campaign. Given the international reach and experience of MEI, we can support you on overseas missions to target countries, harness Olympic procurement opportunities or represent you where there is a time and cost pressure.

We provide the same skills for bid cities as used on Commercial Tenders, which centres on sound communication and international reach.  To deliver a bid winning solution, MEI will always work with other providers to ensure a best-in-class approach, which can either be based on making introductions or by reducing the number of contract points with key experts.

MEI have many years experience providing bid consultancy and generating Wolrd Cup and Olympic procurement opportunities, so please contact us to start your winning campaign today.

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