Security addressed in Saudi

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A top member of the US Obama administration began a visit to the Middle East on Sunday 30 May 2010 to discuss global security.

US Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano first travelled to Saudi Arabia to meet with top security officials about counter–terrorism, counter–radicalisation and infrastructure protection. She also talked to businesswomen about the importance of education and public service. Napolitano then travelled on Monday 31 May to the United Arab Emirates. There she was due to discuss ways to bolster global aviation security with her Middle Eastern counterparts and officials of the International Civil Aviation Organisation that brings together senior security officials worldwide to discuss ways to boost aviation security. " The secretary will participate to build consensus on strengthening global aviation security, and to identify specific steps which nations can take individually and collectively to protect all passengers, " the Department said. Napolitano, who has played a lead role in monitoring a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, has decided to cancel a stop in Italy for a Group of 6 security meeting, sending an assistant secretary in her place. " While overseas, she will remain engaged with all developments in the BP oil spill and direct response actions as necessary, " the Department said.

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