Eurovision's stage attack

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The Eurovision Song Contest 2010 was marred by a security incident during the second song of the evening.

A man, who was wearing a t–shirt that read 'Jimmy Jump. com', raced up to singer Daniel Diges while he performed Algo Pequenito (Something Tiny), which was the entry for Spain. He then began to dance around the stage before being chased off by security guards. The incident meant that Diges was allowed to perform his song again at the end of all the other performances. Acts from 25 countries took to the stage during the event on 29 May, hoping to impress voters from across Europe. The event was won by Germany. Speaking after her victory, 19–year–old winner Lena, who scored 246 points with her song Satellite, said: " I'm so happy and so thankful and so grateful. " The UK's entry came bottom. More than 125m watched the 2009 competition in Moscow, when Norwegian violinist Alexander Rybak took home the trophy with a record 387 points. The economic downturn hit the 2010 event hard however with several countries having to pull out of the event because they could not afford to take part.

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