New York to host Super Bowl 2014

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New York/New Jersey has pipped South Florida and Tampa to host the National Football League's 2014 Super Bowl.

The year's biggest sports event in the US will be held at the new Meadowlands Stadium, which is shared by NFL teams the Jets and Giants. In a pitch to the city, the two teams said the Super Bowl would generate $550m for the area. However, that figure seems extremely optimistic, as most Super Bowls generate less than $100m for host cities, according to US publication Business Week. Nonetheless, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is excited:"The Super Bowl is different from other athletic events because there's an enormous number of things built around it; it lasts a week typically, and it brings enormous media attention, " he said. "It would help New Jersey and it would certainly help New York City. "The success of the 2014 Super Bowl at the Meadowlands, and will have a direct effect on the decision to have a Super Bowl in a cold weather city in the future. NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell said he will pay close attention to what organisers say are the pros and cons. The Meadowlands stadium replaced Giants Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, which was home to the Giants since 1976 and the Jets since 1984. Like its predecessor, the new stadium is the only NFL stadium shared by two teams. However, unlike Giants Stadium in which the Jets were a junior partner, the new stadium is a 50/50 partnership between both NFL teams. The stadium is administered by the New Meadowlands Stadium Company. Meadowlands Stadium opened on 10 April 2010 when it featured the Big City Classic lacrosse tournament. At a construction cost of approximately $1. 6bn, it is the most expensive stadium ever built anywhere in the world to date. As determined by a coin toss by Goodell, the Giants will host the first NFL regular season game in the stadium's history on Sunday, 12 September 2010.

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