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MEI speaks to Ricardo Gomes Silva about the forthcoming Sáo Paulo–based event, The Sports Business 2010.

How many years have you been holding your event? "Created by Mauricio Fernandez, the event is now on its 27th edition. It has changed its name and focus during the years, and was changed to The Sports Business in recent years. The event is a partnership with the main entities related to sports in Brazil including the three governmental levels. This year, myself and another partner joined the event, using our professional background and experience of over 25 years working around the world on sports marketing business, helping with creating, developing and implementing sports modalities as beach volleyball, beach soccer, professional soccer events, among others and managing mega events that gather thousands of people. "Why did you choose Sao Paulo as the location for the event? The Sports Business chose Sao Paulo City as its home because it is the heart of the economy of Latin America–15% of the gross national product (GNP) and 6% of the total Brazilian population are concentrated in São Paulo. Home of several major global corporations, São Paulo provides vital technology infrastructure and services. It is one of the cities with the highest movement of business tourism in the world. Per capita income of people in São Paulo is 70% higher than that of average Brazilians. The Brazilian city hosts more than 90, 000 events every year and 75% of the most important fairs in the country. "How many people do you expect to attend the event and what can they expect from attending? "We cannot predict the exact amount because we are doing the event in a period immediately after the FIFA World Cup final and before the national presidential election season. But we can say that the demand of enterprises, attendance, media and speakers who contact us daily with an interest in participating is the largest in recent years. "What are the main issues that will be covered in your conference sessions? "The Sports Business 2010 has a broad programme, comprising the main topics affecting sports markets, relating to opportunities and challenges generated by the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The event will cover topics such as: Sports Tourism; Infrastructure and Facilities; Materials and Equipment; and Sports Marketing. "How can MEI readers find out more about your event? "Through our website: www. sportsbusiness. com. br. The Sports Business 2010 will be the proper place to discuss economic views and policies, as well as the means and strategies to develop sports in Brazil. An interactive environment will enable the actual generation of business through networking and a number of business meetings and rounds. "What does Brazil have that is attractive to suppliers of major events in your opinion? "We are a rapidly growing economy that is benefiting from new infrastructure being built for the FIFA World Cup and Rio 2016. Even cities that aren't host cities are improving their infrastructure. Brazilian Businessmen are open to considering new ways of business opportunities, new associations, businesses, enabling the country to enjoy this unique moment of hosting major events back–to–back. I would like to invite the MEI followers to share The Sports Business 2010 experience, to come and visit us and be welcome!"

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