EPL viewing goes remote

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New research from YouGov / SMG Insight reveals that over a third of British adults aged 18–34 who are planning to watch Premier League football on TV this season will do so outside of their own home.

The research is the first of a series of studies aimed at understanding the out–of–home viewing audience among sports fans. Out of home viewing currently captures a significant proportion of viewers. Just under a quarter (23%) of viewers aged 18–34 plan to watch football matches at a pub or club, whilst 11% of respondents are most likely to go round to a friend's house to watch a game. However in contrast, a significant proportion of British adults aged 45 and over will watch the majority of games at home. Only 7% of over 45s will go to the pub to watch Premier League matches, whilst 84% will watch the games in the comfort of their own home. Only 51% of 18–24 year olds intend to watch Premier League matches at home. The results also reveal that the likelihood of British adults using the Internet as their preferred watching method is also low (2%), despite the availability of streaming options. Despite the widespread opinion that the UK nation is obsessed with the beautiful game, 56% of British adults say that they do not intend to watch any Premier League football matches on TV this coming season. This rises to 70% among British women, whose engagement with the game is significantly lower. Commenting on the findings, Frank Saez, founder and managing director of SMG Insight, said "The age group of 18–34 year olds is an extremely important group of viewers to advertisers and sponsors. They are the first to have the latest gadgets and less likely to have developed brand loyalties. Yet out–of–home viewing in many cases is still considered to be value–added beyond traditional TV ratings. Our international consumer panel provides us with the ability to monitor out–of–home sports viewing with precision on a regular basis. This study is the first of several viewing studies planned for this season. "

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