Q&A: LKK (China)

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MEI talks to Zoe Miau, brand director and representative of Chinese brand management company LKK.

Please outline what your company does and who your main clients are:"LKK is a powerful innovation company that has undergone international integration. With product innovation as its core of business, LKK provides a one–stop service ranging from research and strategy consulting for product development to industrial design innovation, mechanical design, UI design and brand design. So far, LKK has helped customers to successfully develop more than 1, 000 products, winning many design and innovation awards. It has become a favourite of international brands such as GE, Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo, Shell, Siemens, Swarovski, Haier, Hermes, Konika Minolta, Lenovo, Midea, NBA, Nokia and Novo Nordisk by assisting them in landing on the Chinese market. Meanwhile, it has helped domestic and overseas enterprises to build their own brands and seize global market share. "What is your company's mission statement? "Experience the beautiful life and make great efforts to create maximum value through perfect combination of culture, technology, innovation and commerce. "Please outline your own role and responsibilities"I am responsible for brand operation plan and strategy as well as overall brand operation, including but not limited to marketing planning, market development, tracking and clients' maintenance. I control the direction of brand development in aspects of brand promotion, clients' maintenance, finance and management. I also establish and maintain our corporate brand positioning and formulate the annual brand operation plan and estimate budget and profit. My other responsibilities include looking after the marketing team, including marketing personnel management, guidance and encouragement. Finally, I am responsible for overall planning, rationale and ensuring the implementation of our sales targets. "What are the main issues affecting your own sector of the events industry at the moment? "There are increasing demands for creativity generated by the events industry. These demands range from associate branding, graphic design, website design and product design to event planning, art and performance, music etc. Therefore, creative industry plays a more important role in events and we get more business opportunities at the moment. "What are the biggest changes you have seen in the major events industry over the last few years? "In the past, most people viewed major events such as the Olympics as only being associated with the large and world–renowned suppliers. Recent major events however have opened more contracts and subcontracts to small and media businesses which is encouraging. "How can your company help people in the major events market? "LKK can offer creative consultancy and design on two levels. On a macro level, LKK can help them promote brand and value through branding and product line planning. In a micro level, LKK can offer product design, mechanical design, brand design, packaging design, user interface design and service design to help their products and services match standards of these major events. "What does China have to offer the events industry and suppliers? "China has rich manufacturing resources ranging from electronic consuming products to public facilities, from clothes to vehicles, from medical devices to professional industrial products. LKK has established a database composing of suppliers and manufactures basing in South China which is the factory and manufacturing hub in the world. LKK assesses them strictly and grades them according to qualification, production processes and quality standards etc. LKK could give clients optimised choices according to the sector, the clients' products and budget. "

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