Archery app hits the mark

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Which archer would not like to have a nice overview of their personal development in training and their tournament performance? And what kind of coach would not like to have contemporary information about their trainees?

Now there is an application for iPhone and iPod–Touch available in the App–Store, making it possible to access such information and to email them at any time. Heiko Goes from Germany has developed this application that keeps track of archery scores. Create sessions and rounds by tapping and simply dragging the arrows on the target with your finger (end by end) to create your personal scorecard. E–mail it to your coach or email it to your computer to print your results. You just bought a set of new arrows and want to test them? Then, number them in your " quiver" . Now you can analyse the dispersion pattern and average score for every single arrow. You shoot a compound bow and need a compound–10 on your target face? You can simply select " compound–10" when creating the round. If you want to place your arrows more accurately, do so by selecting the magnifying glass. Of course you can also store comments. For example weather conditions, scope or button settings. The session list shows your achievements sorted by date. When creating the rounds, you can choose between metres and yards, number of ends and number of arrows, standard FITA faces (including the new 10–5 face), IFAA indoor faces and field archery faces. Heiko Goes said: " Originally I developed this app for my wife, who likes to keep track of all her achievements. " This application for iPhone and iPodTouch is available at App–Store in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Korean and Polish. Since December 2009 iArcheryScores is already used and praised by many archers worldwide. It is especially known for its easy usage and the exact placement of the arrows. Use it to get your scorecard and above all the dispersion–pattern and arrow statistics in no time. More information available at http://itunes. apple. com/de/app/iarcheryscores/id343908915? mt=8and http://archery. gaebler–goes. de/viewforum. php? f=2

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