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Generations For Peace founder Prince Feisal of Jordan noted that the latest camp held in Amman at the beginning of June 2010 had been "the most memorable camp yet" with the participation of 77 delegates coming from three continents.

Prince Feisal said: "Jordan has every right to be proud. For Generations For Peace is a Jordanian initiative that has become truly global. But with that comes a responsibility to deliver the highest level of excellence. Having attended this camp nearly every day, I can safely say that we are delivering that excellence. When we were last together 10 days ago, I told you how optimistic I was, how energised I was, about the new developments in our organisation. And now, having spent 10 days in the company of these remarkable men and women, I am also supremely confident. Confident that we, at Generations For Peace, can realise our vision for helping to bring lasting peace to communities blighted by conflict. "Attendees at the camp came from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Cyprus, The Russian Federation, Rwanda, Madagascar, Kyrgyzstan and Serbia taking the total number of countries and territories involved in the camps climbing to 39. It marked the first time for European participation. Managing director, Princess Sarah Al–Feisal, noted: "Just a few years ago, people would never have believed that we would be embarking on peace through sport projects aimed at uniting divided communities in countries such as Somalia, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nigeria, Russia and Cyprus. But that is exactly what has been achieved over the last 10 days. We have empowered these delegates to overcome obstacles people thought were insurmountable. . . and this is something of which we can all be truly proud. "The camp concluded with the delegates rejuvenated and enthused to head back to their respective countries and areas of challenge with fresh energy. Paul Yathak, who works on a community project to gather young women from north and south Sudan called this second camp a "life–changing" experience. He said: "It is incredible to see how far Generations For Peace has developed in such a short space of time since 2007 when I last attended. It has improved even further, and that is saying something because we all felt that initial pilot camp was excellent too. "Almost 500 youth leaders attended the training camps and a further 2, 500 have followed the Generations For Peace Pioneers' programmes in their native lands. The organisation continues to reaffirm its place as a global effort for using sport to help promote peace in disadvantaged and volatile regions.

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