Germany Love Parade tragedy

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An investigation is being launched into how 19 people died in a stampede at a German music festival on Saturday 24 July 2010. Another 350 people were injured in the melee.

A crush happened as thousands of people tried to get into the Love Parade festival through a tunnel entrance connecting an old railway station to the festival ground. This was the only entrance to the German festival billed as the world's largest techno music party with around 1. 4m fans since its inception in 1989. Police held back waiting festival goers in Duisburg, west Germany, because they were worried about overcrowding inside the venue. Police closed the exit to the tunnel and used a loudhailer to warn newcomers to turn around but panic broke out. Witnesses criticised the decision. The organiser of the music festival has since declared the event is finished for good. Rainer Schaller said: " The Love Parade was always a peaceful and joyous party that will now forever be overshadowed by the tragic events. Out of respect for the victims, families and friends, we will discontinue the festival. The Love Parade is no more. "

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