Qatar success down to teamwork

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Qatar's successful bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup was a triumph for teamwork, fresh thinking and a truly global approach to overcoming challenges, according to Nigel Rushman, a strategic advisor to the Bid.

Writing on his companys website www. rushmans. com, Rushman said that Qatars success inspired joy in the emerging world " where it was seen as an indication of what might be achieved as a new economic and social order is established. With more than 25 years experience of planning and delivering major events, Rushmans perspective is illuminating. He was adamant that the success was not due to the influence of any individual but the result of fresh thinking and a willingness to leave egos at the door in pursuit of the greater good. " The bid succeeded because it drew on the best of breed talent and suppliers from all over the world, " he added. " They harnessed their skills and capabilities to the engine of dynamic and youthful Qatari leadership and the unswerving support of the nations most senior figures. The senior members of the Qatari bid team brought a fresh mindset, phenomenal intelligence and a global approach to the project. Together with their partners and advisors they approached and overcame each challenge with creativity and innovation. Like many overnight successes Qatars Bid was the fruit of three decades of sports focussed policies on the part of the Qatari government and a willingness to invest heavily and creatively in infrastructure. It was also a triumph for a group which demonstrated the mindset and cultural flexibility which I believe will be the hallmark of international sport in the years ahead, Rushman concluded. Meanwhile, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will provide a significant economic boost for the emirate and its neighbouring countries in the Gulf, according to a new report by the National Bank of Kuwait. The study outlined the infrastructure upgrades planned and indicated that Qatars significant construction programme ahead of the event will have a knock–on impact on other countries in the Middle East. Hosting the World Cup will set tight deadlines, create extra spending, bring in new expertise and present additional motivation and incentives, the report stated. A $25bn metro and rail network, a $7bn deep water port, a $10bn international airport at Doha and a $4bn causeway linking Qatar and Bahrain are among the major infrastructure projects planned, according to the report. Qatar also plans to spend $20bn on building and expanding its road network. For the tournament itself, 12 state–of–the–art stadia with air conditioning will be constructed at a cost of $4bn. The study added that Qatari officials have pledged to add 90, 000 new hotel rooms before 2022, surpassing the 65, 000 demanded by FIFA.

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