Annecy sets out ambitions

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Annecy 2018 has firmly reiterated its ambitions in the competition to host the 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games through its Bid Book.

A magical playing field located at the foot of Mont–Blanc, Games organised on a human scale for a wonderful celebration, a project based on sporting and environmental excellence, a strong legacy that reinvents the mountains of the 21st century, pride of place for young people at the heart of the project. . . these are just some of the strengths of Annecy's bid, which has been put together by champions dedicated to furthering the Olympic ideal. The Annecy 2018 Bid Book is the fruit of long months of hard work by a team of great champions and first rate technical experts, " said Charles Beigbeder, Annecy 2018's newly appointed president. " Thanks to their dedication and the advice of the International Olympic Committee, we have submitted a project designed to win, a project we will be enthusiastically and actively promoting right up until 6th July in Durban. " The Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games we propose to organise are set in the very heart of the mountains, they are Games that will celebrate life, Games that will provide a warm welcome to one and all, combining modernity and tradition against a truly exceptional backdrop, Games that will be integrated into the mountain environment in an approach driven by sustainable development. With strong support from the sporting world, the public authorities, the local population and the major social and economic stakeholders both nationally and locally, we have all it takes to host a truly unforgettable event, while establishing a lasting legacy for the entire Olympic family. Jean–Pierre Vidal, Vice–President of Annecy 2018, went on to say: " Athletes have been at the heart of the Annecy bid since the very outset. Our project guarantees the best possible conditions for the participating athletes, whether in terms of accommodation, training facilities or competition venues, with the principal aim of giving them the opportunity to push back their limits and achieve ever higher goals. The French are passionate when it comes to the Winter Olympics and the massive popular support for the Annecy bid clearly announces an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Alps. Above and beyond the event itself, the Annecy 2018 Games firmly intend to mark Olympic and Paralympic history with a new approach to winter sports and the mountains, in a perspective of sustainable development. The Games will provide the ideal opportunity to promote a new model for economic, sports and tourism development in order to reinvent the mountains of the 21st century. The bid is now available for consultation on www. annecy2018. com/en/actualites. php

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