Obama wants sports business

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In his March 2011 visit to Brazil, US president Barack Obama has cited the Brazilian sports activity as part of his hopes for increased economic cooperation between the two nations.

" As Brazil prepares to host the World Cup and the Summer Olympics –– which still hurts for me to say – we're ensuring that American companies can play a role in the many infrastructure projects needed for these games, " Obama told reporters after meeting with Brazilian President Dilma Vana Rousseff. Noting that the US and Brazil are the two largest economies in the hemisphere, Obama said: " We're expanding trade and investment that create jobs in both our countries. " But he added that " there's still so much more that we can do. " Obama said he and Rousseff would soon announce " a new economic and financial dialogue to promote trade, " as well as expanded collaboration on science and technology. " He also cited ongoing cooperation on clean energy, national security, and drug interdiction. " I believe this is just the beginning of what our two countries can do together in the world, " Obama said. At a lunch in Obama's honour, Rousseff said Brazil's first female president and the US' first African–American president are opening " one more chapter of our partnership, aligning it to the realities and the challenges of the 21st century. " During a separate speech to US and Brazilian business leaders, Obama said he sees opportunities for the US to sell more goods and services to Brazil's rapidly growing market of about 200m consumers. He says the $50bn in goods and services the US sells to Brazil support more than 250, 000 jobs back home.

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