Kazan launches 2015/17 bid

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A press conference dedicated to Kazan's 2015/2017 World Aquatics Championships bid has taken place at the Tatar Inform News Agency media centre.

The Bid Book's presentation saw attendance of Rafis Burganov who is Tatarstan's minister of Youth Affairs, Sports and Tourism, Kazan 2015/2017 Bidding Committee director and director general of the Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate Vladimir Leonov and Honoured Master of Sports, 2000 Sydney Olympics silver medalist, 2004 Athenes Olympics bronze medalist, Sintez WPC head coach Irek Zinnurov. The 2011 European Weightlifting Championships came to an end in Kazan in April 2011. " The experience of managing these events completely convinced us that we are able and should hold large–scale international competitions, " Burganov stated at the start of his presentation speech. In general, the WACs gather no less than 2, 500 athletes from more than 180 nations and the number of participants is increasing from year to year. If Kazan wins, we expect to receive in 2015 or 2017 nearly 3, 000 top swimmers from all over the world. The Aquatics Championships have never been held in the USSR and Russia. The right to stage such an event in Kazan will boost aquatics development in the capital of Tatarstan, in the whole Republic and all over Russia, he added. According to the FINA official presentation, the 16th World Aquatics Championship is expected to be held during the period of 17 July to 2 August 2015. It will permit to avoid scheduling problems with the Tour de France cycle race and World Athletics Championship that will be staged at the same time. The 2017 World Aquatics Championship's schedule is similar – second half of July, 2017. Speaking about Kazan's readiness to host the World Championship, Leonov stated that due to Kazan's preparations for the 2013 Summer Universiade, there were 25 sports venues already constructed and by 2013 the number of facilities would reach 64, including aquatics venues. Kazan's 2015/2017 World Aquatics Championships Bid Book includes the following facilities:•main swimming venue is to be built on the field of the new football stadium (12, 000 seats), reserve venue – Tatneft Arena – for swimming;•Aquatics Palace (4, 500 seats) – for diving, synchronised swimming, water polo (finals and semifinals);•Olimp Swimming Pool (1, 000 seats) – for water polo (women's events, preliminary round, quarterfinal);•Burevestnik Swimming Pool (1, 000 seats) – for water polo (men's events, quarterfinal);•Rowing Centre (3, 000 seats) – for open water swimming. The Kazan 2015/2017 Bidding Committee director also informed of constructing the main swimming venue that will be located on the field of the new football stadium. According to Leonov, a temporary 50m swimming pool for competitions will be built inside the stadium alongside with a training swimming pool which will be separated by a screen from the main venue. The capacity of the stands in the competition area (including temporary stands) will be 12, 000 seats. The main venue will be constructed in full accordance with the key requirements of World Aquatics Championships in association with Myrtha Pools, FINA's major partner. In the course of the press conference Leonov also presented to the audience the logo of Russia's 2015/2017 bidding campaign that reminds the curves of the Volga river on the banks of which Kazan lies. Zinnurov shared his experience of participating in world championships and stressed that in terms of sport facilities Kazan had every prospect of hosting the WAC at the highest level. The speakers named Kazan's geographic location among key competitive advantages. Kazan's major rivals are Guadalajara, Mexico; Guangzhou, China; Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China, and Montreal, Canada (Canada has applied only for the 2017 FINA World Championship). Submitting Kazans Bid Book to the FINA is just a beginning of a large and full–scale work. The FINA evaluation team will pay a visit to Kazan in May 2011 to inspect the city's sports facilities and estimate its potential. Kazan's official presentation will take place in July 2011 in Shanghai, China. The winning bids will be announced on the same day during the FINA Bureau with the occasion of the 14th FINA World Championships.

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