Squash gets inflated

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Keen to raise the profile of their sports, Scottish Squash and Racketball blew up the world's first inflatable squash court in George Square, Glasgow at the end of July 2011.

The court came all the way from Germany to George Square just for the '3 years to go' until Glasgow 2014 event, part of the Merchant City festival hosted by Glasgow City Council. Children and teachers also had a chance to try out new Mini Squash at the event. Prior to the event, chairman Ron Pearman said: It is a bit of fun for sure, but we truly want to get as many people as possible to try bashing a ball against a wall, whether they are playing Mini Squash, Racketball or Squash. All our sports are great fun, real workouts. great for overall fitness as well as developing basic coordination. There is a lot going on in our sports just now, " he continued. " We are at early stage discussions about new grassroots initiatives with new partners which SSRL hope to start in the autumn bringing a whole new generation to our sports. Much of this will be done using Racketball which many find to be a more accessible sport than squash. In the coming season, we will be launching new formats of Racketball targeted at getting more youth, women and adult males onto the courts. We hope also to get Mini Squash into Scottish primary schools. Work is currently underway to improve the way SSRL engages with universities and colleges and also in partnership with the City of Glasgow and others to bring a series of events to the new world class centre being built for the 2014 Games at Scotstoun. We believe that the urge to bash a ball against a wall is as primordial an urge as wanting to kick the apocryphal 'tanner ba and with a bit more visibility and more exercises like the '3 Years to Go Event' many more will discover the fun of Squash and Racketball. Squash is one of the 17 games at the Commonwealth Games and has just been added to the shortlist for consideration as a new Olympic sport. The Scottish governing body for squash was established in 1936 although the sport in Scotland pre dates the formation of the Association by many years. SSRL has commissioned Ged OBrien, author of 'Played in Glasgow', to write the history of the sport in Scotland.

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