RWC gets social

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Organisers of the Rugby World Cup have tapped into social media to ensure the whole planet can keep up with all the action.

" This is an unprecedented opportunity for New Zealand to place itself in front of the world, " Rugby New Zealand 2011's Bridget Abernethy, the group's project manager for business engagement was reported as saying. " . . . we have all been keen from the very beginning to make the most of all platforms of social media as means of reaching out not only to all the people who are coming here but to those who for whatever reason could not make the trip. " Facebook, Flickr and Twitter accounts have all been fired up and there'll be daily videos posted on YouTube so those staying at home won't miss a thing. Here's how people can keep up with RWC 2011:Just for the fans:http://www. rugbyworldcup. comhttp://www. facebook. com/rugbyworldcuphttp://www. youtube. com/rugbyworldcuphttp://twitter. com/#!/rugbyworldcuphttp://www. flickr. com/photos/rugbyworldcupAnd for those looking for a little bit more:http://www. nz2011. govt. nzhttp://www. nz2011. govt. nz/experiencerealnzhttp://www. facebook. com/realnzfestivalhttp://twitter. com/#!/realnzfestivalhttp://www. youtube. com/realnzfestival

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