Tokyo and Baku bullish on bids

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A recent nationwide poll has revealed more than 80m Japanese are in favour of Tokyo's bid to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The official survey, conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, was carried out online and by telephone on 7–9 January 2012, and results were compiled from answers received by some 4, 000 respondents from across Japan. Even though the bid to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games is still at an early stage, 65. 7% of respondents expressed their positive support for the Games. These results indicate that some 80m people across the whole of Japan are behind our bid, Tokyo 2020 president and Japanese Olympic Committee president Tsunekazu Takeda said. This is wonderful news for Tokyo 2020, and will serve as a further motivation for us to bring the Games to Tokyo. Our bid for the 2020 Games has only been underway for a few short months, and we have not yet made public the details of our plans. Despite this, however, we have still managed to garner a 65. 7% support rate for the bid, Takeda added. Since Tokyo 2020 was established in September last year, the national government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, both Houses of the Japanese Diet, and the political, business and sporting communities have declared their full support for our efforts. And now this extremely encouraging news regarding domestic support rates has been the icing on the cake. We are currently finalising the details of our Applicant File, which must be submitted to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) by 15 February [2012]. We will, of course, include the recent domestic support rate figures in the file, and I am sure that this will send a clear message to the IOC that the whole of Japan is united in its efforts to ensure that Tokyos bid for the 2020 Games is successful. We plan to publicly release the details of our bid once our file has been submitted to the IOC, and I am certain that this will lead to a further rise in the domestic support rate, Takeda also noted. Meanwhile, Baku 2020 CEO Konul Nurullayeva believes the results of a nationwide poll conducted by global market research firm TNS illustrates the wholehearted support for the Games in Azerbaijan. The TNS study illustrates that 95% of people in Azerbaijan support Bakus bid, with 93% of respondents stating that a successful 2020 bid would have a positive effect on sport in the country. Nurullayeva said in a statement: This poll confirms what we believed – that the bid enjoys wholehearted support, all the way from the President of the country to the very youngest children in the school playgrounds. The bid is also enthusiastically supported by our National Olympic Committee and our sports federations, our business community and the citizens of Baku. Our bid is about more than simply asking the Olympic Movement to allow Baku to host the worlds greatest spectacle. Bringing the Olympic Flame to Baku for the first time in 2020 will allow our country to fulfil its sporting potential, giving an enormous boost to the development and diversification of sport and society in Azerbaijan – and even further beyond. The other cities in the running are Doha, Istanbul, Madrid and Rome. The IOC will vote on the host city in September 2013.

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