Tokyo 2020 Bid in hand

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Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee executives have hand delivered their city's Application File to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, three days ahead of the 15 February deadline.

The group of four spearheaded by Tokyo 2020 Executive Member Yasuhiro Nakamori, with the support of its entire nation, submitted the file and required guarantee letters. One of these was signed by Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda, further underscoring the government's firm backing on the nation's second consecutive bid. It became an important milestone for the Tokyo 2020 bid, which is founded on a firm belief in the power of sport, and its ability to unite and inspire people across the world. The Application File outlines the improved technical proposals, reaffirming Tokyo's total commitment to the Olympic Movement; to promote the Olympic Values and encourage international sport exchange and cooperation among people all over the world. Tsunekazu Takeda, Tokyo 2020 president and Japanese Olympic Committee President, commented: " The Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee, together with the Japanese people, is truly honoured and excited to submit our nation's Application File for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We have learned valuable lessons from our previous bid, which are evident in these improved technical plans. We look forward to unveiling them publicly soon. We are confident in the strength of our proposals and our potential to secure the honour, first of becoming a Candidate City, and ultimately the greatest honour of playing host to the 2020 Games. " This first significant milestone in the bid for the 2020 Games coincides with the official centenary of the JOC and the first participation of Japanese athletes in the Olympic Games in 1912. One hundred years later, the submission of Tokyo 2020's Application File highlights a new beginning for Tokyo and Japan's extended commitment to the values inherit in Olympism. Taking full advantage of the experience, knowledge and expertise gained during the 2016 bid, and motivated by its commitment to the values and power of Olympism, Tokyo is proceeding with its bid to host the 2020 Games with the passionate support of Japan's sports community and the Japanese people.

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