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AMSTERDAM 2012 EVENT " the highly innovative event that will host six sports conferences and a combined exhibition has completed 98% of all conference programmes with six months to go. "

The AMSTERDAM 2012 EVENT will be held on December 12–13, 2012, at the RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With a multitude of international sports governing bodies, professional clubs and significant interest from many developing countries and host cities for example, the AMSTERDAM 2012 EVENT is shaping up to be one of the worlds largest sports conference(s), exhibition and networking events in 2012. The organisers are Sports Development Marketing (SDM), who are based in the Olympic City – Lausanne, Switzerland. Their Chief Executive – Nigel Fletcher comments: We are now 18 months into a 2 year preparation for this event, our goal was always to bring together cutting edge content in each of the 6 conferences that will run simultaneously, as well as provide the business opportunities to connect and do business in the networking and exhibition areas on a significant scale. Over 3, 000 participants are expected to attend the AMSTERDAM 2012 EVENT. Heres a selection of speakers: Gerard Houllier (Former Liverpool Manager), Willi Hink (DFB), Stuart Larman (FIFA), Charles Botta (FIFA) Steve Griffiths (IRB), Simon Winman (RFU), Andrea Satori (KPMG), Piet Hubers (KNVB), Piara Power (FARE), Russisan Association of Sports Facilities (RASF) Jamie Capel–Davies (International Tennis Federation), Coaches BV, Amsterdam Arena, Mayor of Amsterdam, Heinz Palme (International Centre for Sport Security), All Indian Football Federation. All information can be found on www. amsterdam2012event. com

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