SIS seals 2010 Delhi contract

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Prasar Bharati has handed SIS Live the responsibility of providing the production facilities and services to cover next year's Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

The "multi–million dollar" contract was awarded after "an exhaustive tender process", according to a joint statement. Prasar Bharati subsidiary Doordarshan is the host broadcaster for the Games, which will run in India from 3–14 October 2010. SIS Live is a leading outside broadcast and uplink supplier, and as well as providing the technical infrastructure to cover the Games, the company will provide more than 1, 000 production staff at the 12 competition venues. "We were able to demonstrate to Prasar Bharati that we have the strength in depth to provide the highest quality TV and sound services to capture the event in high definition, " said SIS Live managing director David Meynell. "This is a significant win that confirms our position as one of the select group of companies that are able to do an event of this size and complexity. " Under the terms of the deal, SIS Live will provide all the production facilities and personnel to cover 17 different sports as well as the Games' opening and closing ceremonies. SIS Live is also providing coverage of the Queen's Baton Relay, which starts in London on Thursday before making a 340–day journey across all Commonwealth countries and ending in New Delhi at the start of the Games. SIS Live commercial director Philip Aspden added: "The Commonwealth Games will be the largest multi–sports event ever undertaken in India, with up to 71 different countries competing. It is a significant challenge to have everything ready for next year, but we are already scaling up the operation and are in the process of securing the best talent in the world to make the event a great success. " SIS Live incorporates the former BBC Outside Broadcast division. About The Sport Briefing This story has been reproduced with the kind permission of The Sport Briefing. The Sport Briefing is published by PA Sport and can be found at: www. thesportbriefing. comThe Sport Briefing is updated as and when news happens, from across the global business of sport. The industry's biggest stories have an accompanying email alert, and The Sport Briefing sends subscribers a daily digest to give them an easy–to–read overview of the day's main events. Contact rory. squires@thesportbriefing. com for more information.

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