Sochi hosts minigolf

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The World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF) Youth World MinigolfChampionships took place in the 2014 Olympic city of Sochi, Russia on the 10–13 August 2010. Eighty–five players from 10 countries competed.

The pre–tournament favourites Germany took gold medals in both the Girls' and Boys' team events. The Girls' team silver went to Austria and bronze to Russia – a first medal for Russia in an international Minigolf Championship. The Boys' team silver went to Italy and bronze to Sweden. Germany was the most successful nation with six medals out of a possible eight, taking all three medals in the Boys' individual category with Robin Hettrich, Andreas Schneider and Sebastian Peffer and Jasmin Ehm claiming bronze in the Girls' category. The Gold medal in the Girls' category went to Austria's Martina Danner and silver to Sweden's Lina Liljegren. The Youth World Minigolf Championships were played on Minigolf Open Standard (MOS) and Miniaturegolf playing systems at the WMF Gold Sponsor Course Olympiysky Dagomys resort. The tournament was played over eight rounds for teams, with an additional matchplay final for the individual competition. WMF Youth Officer Pasi Aho said: " The Youth Minigolf World Championships were the first international championships to be played outside of Europe. Both the organisation in Sochi and the quality of play were excellent. This was the first time the championships were played out on the Minigolf Open Standard playing system. ","43

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