Sochi announces cultural events

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Sochi 2014 has announced its plans for cultural events in the British capital during the Olympic summer Games in 2012.

In partnership with Westminster City Council, the Russian organisers of the next Winter Games will introduce the southern Russian city of Sochi and the surrounding Krasnodar Region through sport and cultural performances at one of Londons best–known landmarks, Marble Arch, opposite Hyde Park and the world–famous Speakers Corner. Dmitry Chernyshenko, CEO and president of Sochi 2014 said: The public activities will run under the name of Sochi World and will focus on master–classes and spectacular shows on an ice–rink. The aim will be to present a new feature of the Sochi Games by reflecting the many different aspects of Russian culture across all its regions. Whilst there will be a significant emphasis on culture, the ice–rink will highlight sporting performance: Russian figure–skating stars will give master classes on figure–skating for young British skaters. In addition, British figure–skaters will be invited to participate in the Sochi World ice–shows. Alongside the ice–rink arena, boasting the stunning backdrop of the Marble Arch monument itself, Sochi World will include an interactive visitor experience and a hospitality pavilion, housed in custom–designed structures which will reflect the prestige of the Marble Arch site. The Sochi World concept has received the support of LOCOG. Careful consideration has been given to all areas of the Sochi World concept, including the environment. Sochi 2014 has worked closely with Westminster City Council and planning approval for the concept is expected in the nearest future. Sochi World will have its own English and Russian language website with a direct link to the official Sochi 2014 website. Dmitry Chernyshenko said: We are delighted to have this opportunity to share the best of Russian culture with the rest of the world. We are grateful to Westminster City Council, with whom we will be developing further programmes of social engagement for children at Sochi World and a long–lasting legacy, and to LOCOG for their support in helping us to realise our goal.

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