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The Motor Sport Business Forum Russia, to be held on 18 October 2011 at the exclusive Lotte Hotel in Moscow is now only weeks away and continues to gain momentum and support from international and domestic stakeholders.

The Primorsky Region is universally recognised as the most auto–advanced area of Russia. Auto and Motosports develop rapidly here. Nevertheless, presently in the Primorsky Region like in all Far Eastern Russia there's the lack of conditions for the training of sportsmen and conducting of competitions of international level. The idea of the 'Primring' project is to create a modern sports and technological complex for teaching and training of sportsmen, first of all, teenagers and young people. In future it will allow them to become racers of the world class. No doubt that the availability of tracks and other facilities will contribute to the safety of racing that will develop the auto sports culture. The autodrome is intended for conducting regional, national and international competitions in 18 disciplines – 3 asphalt and 15 off–road. The complex will include 9 tracks and will correspond to the category 2 (FIA classification). The technical specifications of the tracks suppose the all–year round usage, including ice racing in winter season. The capacity of stands of all types is about 30. 000 spectators. The autodrome is will also be open for amateurs, meaning anybody will have a chance to test himself and his car. The autodrome is located on the plot of 78 Ha in the vicinity of Vladivostok. The location is suitable for the Primorsky region residents and for the guests. It is a cross–road of the major highways and can provide an easy access for sportsmen and for spectators. The initiator of the project is Sumotori Machinery Group, the biggest Russian Far Eastern technological holding company. The project is being carried out by leading industry professionals Tilke GmBH, Apex, Ridge, Scott Wilson, and KPMG, whos collective expertise includes the development and consultation of circuits globally. For more details on how to register for the Motor Sport Business Forum Russia, please contact Mildberry Sports Lab team on +44 (0) 207 751 8480 or +7 495 287 36 05 or email forum@msportslab. com

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