Animals join legacy plans

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Feeding stands designed for containing salt for nourishing the animals in the spring period have been installed near the 'Laura' Cross–country Ski & Biathlon Center area for Sochi 2014.

The environmental initiative aims at preserving the migration paths of bisons, elks, red deers, brown bears, boars and other large mammals of the Krasnaya Polyana region. The event became part of the countervailing measures programme for preserving the unique natural environment of the Games region. Preservation of the migration paths of large mammals is a considerable contribution to assuring the biodiversity of the unique Sochi region. Nikolay Esin, deputy director of the Caucasus State Natural Biosphere Reserve, remarked: In the nearest future, the animals will leave for wintering therefore their returning to familiar inhabitations is very important. Thats exactly what the feeding stands are useful for: we need them to form the populations spacial arrangement. It is all about attracting the hoofed animals with salt which makes it possible to hold them within the population circle and contributes to preserving the biodiversity. Participants of the construction of the Olympic venues have traditionally been attaching great importance to introducing environmental protection measures. During the preparations for the 2014 Games, several hundred countervailing measures have been introduced to preserve the unique natural environment of the Games region, a total of 120 measures were taken in 2010 alone. These measures comprise, in particular, migration of 450 animals from the Olympic park construction zone to the Imereti Lowland conservation areas, establishing eight feeding stands for animals and 910 bird boxes in the 'RusSki Gorki' Jumping Center area, the Center being under construction, as well as relocation of more than 500 animals and plants from the 'Laura' Cross–country Ski & Biathlon Center area. At the same time more than 6, 000 Red Book plants have been replanted and a garden with rare and endangered plants has been arranged on the Psekhako Range. Also as part of countervailing measures around 9, 000 trees have been planted within construction of the 'Sanki' Sliding Center. Some 138 pitsunda pine yearlings have been planted instead of 27 trees cut down during the construction of the Adler–Krasnaya Polyana combined road. In total within the planted lands regeneration programme, for each tree cut there are two to five yearlings of trees of a same specie being planted on the territory of the City of Sochi.

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