Canadians sign up for Sochi

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During the two weeks since the start of the mass volunteer recruitment for the 2014 Games in Sochi, the official website has received more than 35,000 bids from candidates, with most of them coming from young people aged 17–22.

Applications have come from all over the country; the Krasnodar region is in the lead with more than 4, 100 people wishing to become Sochi 2014 volunteers. Overseas, Canada, the host of the 2010 Winter Games, is leading with more than 100 applications. The most sought after Olympic volunteer position is that of a translator; already 2, 144 people are offering their services in this area. Young people aged 17–22 – more than 7, 000 of them – have been the quickest to respond – but there is also extensive interest among 'silver surfers' – pensioners between the ages of 55 and 70. The oldest potential volunteer looking to come to Sochi in two years is currently 78 years old. There was interest even from candidates whose age does rule them out – the youngest of these was 11, and the oldest was 95.

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