Sochi halts Youth Train

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The Sochi 2014 volunteer team's participation in the All–Russian volunteer 'Youth Train' event came to a close on 12 April 2012.

Having covered 5, 000 kilometers over 10 days and carried out more than five hours of Olympic warm–up in eight Russian cities, the Sochi 2014 volunteer team returned to Moscow. At every stop Sochi 2014 volunteers left behind them a personal memento, having given residents a symbolic volunteer heart, " lit" at the launch of the volunteer recruitment process in Olympic Sochi. During the trip to 8 Russian cities, volunteers explained about the Olympic and Paralympic Movement and organised mobile registration points for anyone who so wishes to become a Sochi 2014 volunteer. One of the major stops for the team was Sochi, host of the 2014 Winter Games. At arrival the volunteer train was met by representatives of the Administration and residents of the city, including many Volunteer Movement companions. The volunteers visited the Museum of Sports Glory in the city of Sochi. In the museum, the volunteers were given the unique opportunity to touch the symbolic volunteer heart so that they could take some of its warmth home with them. These hearts had been lit at Krasnaya Polyana on 7 February 2012, the launch day of the mass recruitment of volunteers.

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