Kazan gets spring clean

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On 28 April 2012 residents of the Universiade Village teamed up to spruce up the territory of the student campus for the Kazan 2013 Universiade.

Clean up activities were held as part of the city–wide spring clean up event and two–month series of the events on the improvement, sanitary cleaning and landscape gardening of the city area. Nearly 600 students joined their forces to clean up the premises of the campus. It is noteworthy that although the two–month clean up is not complete yet (it runs from 2 April to 31 May 2012), all residents of the Universiade Village – a total of 5, 900 people – have made their contribution to it. This number includes foreigners as well. International students hailing from 40 countries took part in the spring clean–up event for the first time.

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