Moscow to host FINA Convention

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FINA is pleased to announce that the 2nd FINA World Aquatics Convention will be held in Moscow (RUS) from 29 October to 1 November 2012 and will include the FINA Gold Swimming Coaches Clinic, bringing together leading aquatic coaches from around the world.

With the theme 'Aquatics for All: Developing and Performing for Excellence', the 2012 Convention will provide the Aquatic community with a platform to progress each of the five disciplines by sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, broadening networks, strengthening relationships and creating business opportunities. The conference programme will focus on two key themes including the challenges related to the development of Sport for All, and secondly the assessment of winning strategies adopted by elite competitors. Many sub–themes will be discussed in Moscow, including how new thinking in aquatic venue design and operations can assist, what are the different methods of (public and private) financing sports programmes, the importance of education and the role of new technologies and new media. The conference will also discuss how the FINA Development Programmes for the 202 National Member Federations, swimming scholarships, the importance of our champions as role models and the need for multidisciplinary teams contribute to both Sport for All and elite performance. As with the first edition in 2010, many important topics will unite delegates, lecturers and partners in Moscow. The FINA World Aquatics Convention is a unique occasion to evaluate the development of our Aquatic sports in the five continents, and to discuss ways to progress our sports. Despite being recent, the Convention has generated a lot of interest within the FINA Family and is already a milestone in our calendar, considered FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione. The 2nd FINA World Aquatics Convention provides a unique opportunity to meet leading figures from across the world of aquatics, whilst facilitating important face to face discussions that will ultimately accelerate the growth and development of aquatic sports. For further information visit http://aquaticsconvention. fina. org

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