Race to get 2012 security match-fit

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The former Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police says London 2012 organisers are not moving quickly enough to put security plans in place.

In the wake of the Mumbai attacks, the former Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has raised concerns that the London 2012 organising committee is " running out of time" to deliver a secure event. Writing for the Telegraph, Tarique Ghaffur referred to a " lack of urgency and posturing" in creating a robust security plan for the 2012 Olympic Games. " [The Home Office] promised to deliver a fully budgeted security plan by September. We are now in December and there is no sign of it being published, " Mr Ghaffur said. " While security planning in new venues is well advanced, intelligence and operational teams should be running now and we should be live–testing our plans. " None of that can happen until the Home Office finalise their plans. This lack of progress and a cost–cutting approach mean that London is in danger of failing to deliver effective security. " " London needs an integrated command and control centre that gives commanders the power to shut down parts of the city in the event of unforeseen incidents. " It needs a detailed security plan for the relatively open transport network, and it needs to start work on building the community relations that will be vital to helping secure the event. ","149

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