MEI MEETS Geoff Newton, Director of Olympic Opportunity at Olympic Legacy Directorate.

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The LDA are the Mayor's agency responsible for driving London's sustainable economic growth. Their purpose is to ensure that London remains a global success story.

The meeting went well given the short time we had and covered several aspects which included:• The MEI model and key relationships with agencies such as UKTI & ThinkLondon, and how we have developed these potential business opportunities both inwards and outwards from the UK. We also covered the possibility of SportAccord coming to London, and that the BERR were interested in having sporting events on their agenda. • We discussed the opportunities that we could help with in regard to the 2012 Legacy programme and MEI will return to the LDA an offer in respect of the planned formation of an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) where Business communities can engage but also to keep the focus on the socio–economic developments, required to deliver an effective legacy from 2012. • MEI will also respond in how we can add value with regards to the LMF (Legacy Master Framework) and SRF (Strategic Regeneration Framework) where both Alf and Dennis have previously been involved with through different businesses. • As part of this discussion it was key that we discussed the LSC involvement to date and how MEI are working with partners to develop an innovative training approach for those without any qualifications and focus on a Major Events qualification.

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