Leisure activities in London during the games.

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Ever fancy doing something different? Why not take a walk around London with Sandra Shevey????

Sandra is a British Film Institute Associate Tutor who has in a past life interviewed all the good and great of international renown including Alfred Hitchcock, Mike Leigh and others. In her current incarnation she runs walking tours around the London film locations of Alfred Hitchcock and Mike Leigh and just recently added a walk around Agatha Christie `Miss Marple` locations. The walk includes tutorials about vintage costume and jewellery. `It`ll give people a chance to buy Miss Marple period clothes. Oooooooh!``It`s very eerie to hear Alfred Hitchcock expatiating upon a shot when you are standing within the frame of the very shot`, says Sandra, age 66. Soundbites from interviews with Hitchcock and Leigh are played in context whilst Sandra also reveals some of director Alfred Hitchcock`s precious storyboards. London Street Markets Walk has been going since 1990 and includes 3 markets/3 hours. 15 ancient London markets are profiled in rota and it`s Sandra`s intention to mix them up. `I think it`s important not just to see the `touristy` markets. I like to include one or two people`s markets too`, she says. The Alfred Hitchcock Walk runs for 3 hours from 11am every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Cost is £25 excl. The Agatha Christie `Miss Marple` Walk runs for 3 hours at 2pm every Saturday. Cost is £25 exclLondon Street Markets Walk runs daily at 11am for 3 hours. Cost is £25 excl. The walks in June, July and August include tea tutorials. http://sandrashevey. tripod. com/hitchcock. walks

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