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According to a new report from Barclays, Liverpool was the most talked about football club in January 2011 with almost three times the amount than second placed Arsenal.Image: "Barclays Premier league Tweet Map'

For those of you who followed the January transfer window this is probably of little surprise. The late transfers of Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll (in) and £50m man Fernando Torres (out) meant that Liverpool was on the tips of most peoples tongues. One thing the report does show is the value of having players on Twitter when it comes to creating noise about the team. Arsenal in second place is more of a surprise as the club spent nothing during the window but with 20 players on the social news site the club creates many of its own Arsenal stories and insights. The most tweeted about clubs were:Liverpool 301, 169Arsenal 110, 901Chelsea 97, 655Man Utd 86, 249Spurs 61, 574As usual the biggest clubs are the ones who have come through at the top. They are usually the ones who have money to spend and people liked being linked to them so gossip during January is always feverish about this time. It would be interesting to see how these stack up over a few months or a year to really give a good comparison. It is going to be obvious that the bigger teams have more fans and will be talked about more and of course there are circumstances that give people more to talk about to take into account (transfers, cup/league wins, takeovers, etc). It does prove that Twitter has become the transfer news source of choice and often are broken before they reach official news channels. Deadline day was good fun to keep an eye on twitter and see who was doing what, it certainly adds a new element to it and allows us to be more involved. Meanwhile, the latest news that has caught my eye is that Liverpool has teamed up with Snow Valleys Muse e–commerce platform to offer football's first mobile store. The technology allows companies to incorporate information from social networks such as Facebook. The site will stock the club's entire range of merchandise and kit. It will be interesting to see what the take up is like but it is great to see a club moving to where the fans are and realising the huge potential that mobile is going to have in the coming years. Chris Jennions, internet sales manager at Liverpool FC, said: [The store is] driven by our fans. We could see that they were visiting the site with their phones and so it made sense to provide them with a really good mobile–optimised shopping experience. About Daniel McLaren Daniel McLaren is founder of The UK Sports Network and social media manager at global communications agency Carat. A lover of all sports, player of a few and an ardent Manchester United fan, he runs several groups on LinkedIn including 'The UK Sports Network' and 'Social Media & Sport' which total over 1, 900 members. You can follow his regular tweets on @danielmclaren. About The UK Sports NetworkThe UK Sports Network was started in November 2009 by Daniel McLaren as a means to share sports industry best practices, social media insights and the latest developments in sports. Since then almost 850 professionals from all forms of sports life have joined including clubs, NGBs, marketing, PR, media, sponsorship and many others. The UK is playing catch up when it comes to utilising the best in social media for sports professionals. The UK Sports Network plans to help everyone achieve their aims through the LinkedIn group and the UKSN website. You can read about the latest developments in sport, learn something new and comment on The UK Sports Networks views about the latest controversies. The group now has a presence on twitter (@uksportsnetwork) and Facebook as it continues to expand and grow. Liverpool may be the first but I doubt it will be the last club to look towards mobile as a new revenue generator. We will all be watching with interest to see how it performs.

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