Briefing on Temporary Overlay - A Great Success

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On the 5th October 2011 MEI and ES Global hosted a briefing on temporary venues and facilities during major events.

Attendees consisted of MEIs Global Business Network members who were interested in learning about the opportunities around temporary overlay, as well as contacts and experts in the industry who were invited by ES Global. This event complimented MEIs editorial focus looking at temporary overlay during September 2011 ( visit www. majoreventsinternational. com for information). Dennis Mills, CEO of Major Events International welcomed the delegates, most of whom were new to MEIs briefings and explained how MEI are looking to collaborate with members more in order to offer them a platform to showcase their expertise in reference to major events. Dennis also explained MEIs growing activity in Brazil with particular focus on Expo Estadio and Soccerex, two exhibitions in Brazil in November which MEI can offer discounted stands ( for more information please contact Piers plawson@majoreventsint. com). Andy Mytom (Partner) from David Morley Architects talked about the design of temporary structures at major events with particular focus on their project to design the 2012 Olympic venue for the Water Polo. Andy discussed the considerations that have to be taken e. g. fulfilling the need to sit spectators and athletes while giving those equal but individual experiences so the athlete enjoys playing water polo in the venue and the spectator is comfortable and can view the pool from where ever they are sat. Furthermore he explained the challenges of getting thousands of individuals into the venue from all over the Olympic Park, therefore demonstrating that it is not just the venue that needs to be constructed but the entrance and surrounding area needs to be considered and adjusted accordingly. David Crump (CEO) of Creative Technologies progressed this briefing looking at temporary features in the form of audio visual and how his company delivers this for major events. Similarly to Andys statement about giving the spectators the experience AV is key in providing sound of commentators both in the venue and remotely as well as getting the right acoustics in the venue. Challenges faced by AV companies such as Creative Technologies can be in matching the audio with choosing the correct speaker systems for the venue, particularly for safety and security reasons. The same can be said from a visual point of view in providing viewers with close up of the athletes with wireless cameras. Furthermore Kevin Brownhill (Customer &Sponsorship Manager London 2012 & Sochi 2014) from Aggreko discussed the challenges faced in providing temporary services at major events. Aggreko provide power generation and temperature control products among others to major events. Kevin explained how the event will shape their execution of services for example Glastonbury Festival has different aims and objectives to the Olympics, therefore service providers need to be sympathetic to these peculiarities. This is fundamental due to the nature of it being temporary and in a short window, the products need to be delivered on time and fully functioning throughout the event, there is little room for failure in providing temporary functions for major events. The briefing was concluded by Jeff Burke, Business Development Manager of ES Global who not only collaborated with MEI on this event but sponsored the drinks reception. Jeff looked at the history of temporary overlay and how temporary structures help overcome the issue of sustainability and legacy. He explained how the venue is the stage for the event. This could explain the fact that London has used more temporary structures than the last few Olympic Games, thus realising the economic and environmental benefits of using temporary venues. As usual the discussions were met with great enthusiasm and shared experiences throughout the attendees. This briefing demonstrated that the move to using more temporary solutions provides endless business opportunities to service providers and also how MEI can act as the interface to support businesses on their way to supplying major events. For more information on our services and to advertise at or sponsor an event or one of our monthly publications please contact Piers at plawson@majoreventsint. com.

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