Major Events Network gets excited about Life Beyond 2012

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Following the success of the Life Beyond 2012 briefing in September, on the 3rd November 2011 MEI re ran this event focusing particularly on Brazil. This briefing was sponsored by Nabas Legal International Lawyers and delegates were a mixture of London 2012 sponsors and members of the Major Events Network which has taken over what was EVTG and DEG. All delegates had an interest in where the opportunities life after London 2012.

Delegates were lucky enough to hear from Vitoria Nabas, Founder and MD of Nabas Legal International Lawyers opened the presentations with some hard hitting facts about the legal implications of setting up a business in Brazil. Vitoria, explained how processes move slowly in Brazil with a lot of Bureaucracy and ever changing tax policies makes it difficult to feel as though you are progressing. However her message was clear doing business in Brazil is tough but doing business in any other country including the UK is tough and it is important that you know the reality and implications from the outset in order to succeed. For more information on Nabal Legal International Lawyers please visit www. nabaslegal. com. Eduard Picino Key Account Director at Major Events International looked at future events beyond London 2012 in the UK, Russia and Brazil. Seeing as there is a lot of interest and endless opportunities in Brazil due to it being one of the BRIC countries and the 5th largest country in the world, Eduardo gave some staggering facts on the extent of the opportunities in Brazil particularly around infrastructure regardless of Major Events let alone those that have come about as a result of the World Cup 2014 and Rio 2016. UK companies have an advantage as Brazilian buyers are looking for the UKs lessons learnt from 2012 as well as the expertise that UK companies can offer in Brazil. For more information on the scale of the opportunities on Brazil please contact Eduardo epicino@majoreventsint. com. Andrew Bacchus Head of Construction & Global Sports Projects at UKTI introduced the British Business Club to the delegates, which is a free online tool that British and International companied who can register to receive information on business opportunities around London 2012 and beyond across all markets and countries. To register for this one stop shop, please visit https://www. ukti. gov. uk/britishbusinessclub/register. html. Finally Dennis Mills CEO of MEI and Piers Lawson Client Relationship Director of MEI introduced the new Major Events Network and discussed the benefits of joining with regard to preparing your business for life beyond 2012, whether your interest is in Brazil, Russia or event Europe, the Major Events Network will provide businesses with high market profile briefings and networking opportunities. For more information on this network please contact Pier plawson@majoreventsint. com and for information on some of the extra more bespoke services that MEI can offer to support your company beyond 2012 please contact Dennis dmills@majoreventsint. com. It has been decided that as a result of the interest around this concept of a briefing MEI will continue to run this on a regular basis. What came out of the briefing was that with Brazil in focus there are many opportunities to take advantage of and that you should not let the legal implications hold you back, however know that there are experts that MEI can put you in touch with who can support your journey to export. Finally there are also many UK based Major Events such as the Commonwealth Games beyond 2012 which businesses can certainly make the most of.

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