England targets 2018

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Former UK sports minister, Richard Caborn MP, believes England has what it takes to win the right to host the FIFA World Cup in 2018.

Caborn, the UK's longest–serving sports minister and current 2018 FIFA World Cup Ambassador, was speaking at a one–day sports conference hosted by law firm Olswang in London on 6 November 2008. The first meeting of the 2018 bid working committee was due to take place only hours after his presentation. Caborn, who accepted his present position from Prime Minister Gordon Brown after stepping down as sports minister earlier this year, discussed the benefits, challenges and implications of England's bid to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Caborn said that the experience the UK built up during the London 2012 and Glasgow 2014 campaigns is invaluable for securing the 2018 FIFA World Cup. " I believe that we have some of the world's best experience in delivering a major sports event, " he said. " We need to learn from what we did for the Olympics and apply it to football. " Caborn said that it is important to look at ways of harnessing the power of the Premier League and making it relevant to all levels of people. " We are already successful at engaging young people from inner cities at a grassroots level. We need to translate this into a narrative that FIFA can use. " Caborn concluded that a successful World Cup bid would reap more dividends for the UK in terms of economic impact than the Olympic Games would because " we can take this event around the whole country, plus a seven year run up would allow us to pre–deliver on legacies. ","43

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