UK listed events face review

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Former executive director of the UK's Football Association David Davies is to lead a review of the country's Listed Events that must be broadcast on free–to–air television. The current list is divided into two groups (see below). Group A requires live cov

The first review of its kind in 10 years will consist of re–evaluating the list of sporting events that should be required to air on terrestrial television to ensure the maximum number of homes have access to the coverage. It will be discussed by an advisory board headed by Davies and composed of reporting and broadcasting experts who will consult with media organisations and other interested groups. The board will then report to UK Culture Secretary Andy Burnham, who hand–picked Davies to lead the review, and he will make the final decision. Calls for the review were made after England's away FIFA World Cup qualifiers against Andorra and Croatia earlier in 2008. The matches were aired by Setanta, a pay–TV channel, without highlights rights on free TV. Setanta ended up making a deal with ITV to show highlights of the match against Croatia on ITV1 the night after the game, but the loss of coverage still caused uproar amongst fans. A former journalist for 23 years at the BBC before his 12–year stretch as FA boss, Davies has claimed he will go into the review with 'an open mind' and maintain an awareness of the constantly changing competition between free and pay TV channels. GROUP AThe Olympic GamesThe FIFA World Cup Finals TournamentThe FA Cup FinalThe Scottish FA Cup Final (in Scotland)The Grand NationalThe DerbyThe Wimbledon Tennis FinalsThe European Football Championship Finals TournamentThe Rugby League Challenge Cup Final The Rugby World Cup Final GROUP BCricket Test Matches played in EnglandNon–Finals play in the Wimbledon TournamentAll Other Matches in the Rugby World Cup Finals Tournament Six Nations Rugby Tournament Matches Involving Home CountriesThe Commonwealth Games The World Athletics Championship The Cricket World Cup – the Final, Semi–finals and Matches Involving Home Nations' Teams The Ryder Cup The Open Golf Championship *

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