No horsing around for new security kit

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Stolen gates have led to the development of TRAAKiT, a revolutionary new satellite alerting device which informs owners if property is moved.

Developed by David Clayton and Tim Young in the UK, the TRAAKiT product was developed as a result of a sad experience a few years ago when the gates to a field where Clayton kept horses were stolen leaving the horses with open access to a main road. Subsequently, two horses had to be destroyed. Feeling that there was no product on the market that could deal with such a situation, the entrepreneurs decided to invent one themselves. Users decide the boundaries where they want their 'prized possession' to be within via their computers or mobile phones. The TRAAKiT computer system then sets up a 'Virtual Fence' which monitors the item and users can watch TRAAKIT's progress on a minutely detailed online mapping system. If the position of the item is moved outside the Virtual Fence, the hostcomputer alerts users by sending a text message and an e–mail. The TRAAKiT monitor will then send its position to the host computer every five minutes meaning users can see precisely where their possession is going and act accordingly. The TRAAKiT service is primarily aimed at protecting equipment such as tractors, motor mules, quad bikes, classic cars and motor bikes, horse boxes, vans, lorries, caravans, camper vans, trailers, expensive tools and machinery, laptops, cameras and golf clubs but the concept can be virtually applied to anything that can be stolen. To demonstrate the product's versatility in the coming months, the TRAAKiT will be used to plot the paths of teams in extreme sport marathons, a music band on tour and even a backpacking gap year student. For more information visit www. traakit. co. uk.

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