Good progress for Olympic Park

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The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has welcomed the publication of the UK government's Progress Report on the Strategy for Sustainable Construction, which highlights the London 2012 Olympic Park as a best practice project.

The Progress Report looks at the achievements being made on the government's commitments to make the UK a world leader in sustainable construction, and uses the London 2012 project to demonstrate how sustainability can be successfully integrated into large scale projects. Speaking at the launch of the publication in mid–September 2009, ODA chairman John Armitt said: "The London 2012 Olympic Park is one of the largest and most complex construction projects in the UK. We made sustainability a key priority from the start and integrated it into every part of the project, from the procurement of contractors, through the design stage and into the construction phase. We set ourselves ambitious and challenging targets across a range of criteria which we have been striving to deliver against every day on the site. For example, transporting over half of the materials to the Park by rail, using aggregate and concrete with high recycled content and focussing on minimising, reusing and recycling waste. Working in partnership with the contractors, we are raising the bar for the industry and setting new standards for future projects to follow. We still have challenges ahead and there is no complacency about delivering a project that will showcase the UK construction industry to the world. "Ian Lucas, business minister with responsibility for construction said: "This progress report demonstrates the UK government's commitment to put in place measures to drive forward the sustainability agenda and support industry with these aims. The construction programme of the London 2012 venues and infrastructure is a good example of sustainable construction in action, with the Olympic Park being built to the most comprehensive range of sustainability criteria ever adopted by a large scale project in the UK. "

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