UK needs internet education

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New research shows that more than 10m adults across the UK have never used the internet and 4m of this group are also socially excluded. All of them are missing out on the opportunities and cost efficiencies that the web has to offer.

Of the 4m adults offline who are socially excluded:•39% are over 65 years old•38% are unemployed•19% are in families with childrenAccording to research published in October 2009:•Digitally excluded households are missing out on average savings of £560 per year from shopping and paying bills online•The most economically disadvantaged families are missing out on savings of over £1bn•1. 6m children in digitally excluded families could increase their lifetime earnings by £10. 8bn•Unemployed people who get online could increase their lifetime earnings by over £12, 000•If 5% of digitally excluded unemployed could find work by using job websites it would deliver an estimated £560m to the UK economy•Internet savvy workers can earn an average increase in lifetime earnings of over £8, 000 •The UK government could save at least £900m a year in customer contact costs if all digitally excluded adults got online and made just one electronic contact per month

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