New report focuses on leisure time

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IFM Sports Marketing Surveys and its entertainment and leisure research brand, S:Comm, have come together to publish the Leisure Time Report to understand what the UK public likes to do in its spare time.

The report covers four key areas and explains the cross over of interests:• The Arts (including cinema, theatre, dance, ballet, opera and music)• Visitor attractions (including museums, galleries, gardens, zoos and heritage sites)• Leisure breaks and tourism• Sport (televised sport and participation). The report illustrates which of these activities the UK prefers as a nation; builds a profile of those that take part in particular activities; and examines the reasons behind why we do them. Conducted in the UK among a nationally representative sample in excess of 6, 000 respondents, IFM Sports Marketing Surveys/S:Comm's Leisure Time Report provides a valuable insight into how the UK engages with a spectrum of leisure activities. For a free copy of the report go to www. sportsmarketingsurveys. com and click on the download button. For more information, please contact info@sportsmarketingsurveys. com

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