LOCOG seeks florist

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The London 2012 Organising Committee has launched a search for a specialist provider to design and deliver floral bouquets and arrangements for the London 2012 Games.

This is a unique opportunity for the floral industry to design and deliver bouquets that will be received by winning athletes at the London 2012 Victory Ceremonies. The opportunity is available for florists at the business opportunities portal CompeteFor. Budding companies will need to demonstrate they have the skills and resources to design, assemble and deliver bouquets and floral arrangements to approximately 29 London 2012 venues during the Games. This will include 6, 700 identical bouquets for the London 2012 Victory Ceremonies, to be delivered every other day during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, 30 arrangements for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and 130 arrangements for conferencing facilities. Paul Deighton, LOCOG chief executive, said: " The Olympic and Paralympic Games present the ultimate opportunity to showcase the best a host country has to offer. Our aim is to work with a provider to create a visionary approach to floral arrangements for London 2012, to provide a memorable and positive experience for the competing athletes and the worldwide audience. " Not only are we looking for a provider that can deliver sustainably sourced quality bouquets and floral arrangements on the size and scale of the requirement, but they must also understand how our flowers will represent the London 2012 Games visually. This is a great opportunity for a company who can ensure their designs are vibrant, contemporary, memorable, visionary, and will complement the London 2012 brand. " The opportunity to apply closes on 21 January 2011 at 9am. Vist: https://www. competefor. com/business/login. jsp for further information.

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