ODA reaches milestone

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The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has completed its latest set of milestones on time and within budget, as the London 2012 'big build' construction project moves into its final year. New aerial images of the Olympic Park have been released showing the good progress being made across the site.

In mid–2009, the ODA set out 10 milestones–'The Big Build: Structures'–outlining how the main structures of the London 2012 venues and essential new infrastructure would take shape and be nearing completion by mid–2010. The final milestone has now been completed, with water beginning to fill the new Lee Valley White Water Centre being built in Hertfordshire, meaning that all 10 milestones have been achieved on time. A new set of milestones–'The Big Build: Completion'–was unveiled in mid–July 2010 which covers the final stage of the construction project. The milestones outline how, by mid–2011, the structures of the main venues will be complete and ready to be handed over for testing, with all major new infrastructure finished and landscaping work well advanced across the Olympic Park. Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) chief executive David Higgins said: "By setting out clear milestones right from the start of the project, we have offered a window into the delivery of this unprecedented construction project, allowing people to judge our progress for themselves. We are in good shape for the home straight but the last leg of the race is often the hardest and we are not complacent about the many challenges still ahead. "Hugh Robertson, UK minister for sport and the Olympics, added: "It is thanks to the hard work and dedication of the ODA, and its workforce, that the project has hit all its milestones again this year. With the majority of the construction phase now complete we are in an excellent position for the staging and testing work to being next summer. " Read and download the new set of milestones–'The Big Build: Completion' via the following link:http://www. london2012. com/publications/the–big–build–completion–milestones–to–27–july–2011. phpMeanwhile, employment figures published by the ODA show that the construction workforce on the Olympic Park is approaching its peak. There are now 6, 450 people are working on the Olympic Park and a further 2, 909 people working on the Olympic Village. Almost 250 apprentices have been placed with contractors on the Olympic Park to begin their two to four–year training, and the first 31 of them have graduated at a recent award ceremony. ODA chairman John Armitt said: "The Olympic Park 'big build' is on track and set to peak as we progress through this year, the toughest period for the project. We are providing a range of work and training opportunities in a challenging time for the UK construction industry and meeting our commitments to an employment and skills legacy for people living around the Olympic Park. By creating 350 apprentice positions we are helping young people get their first foot on the ladder to a career in construction. "Of the current 6, 450–strong Park workforce, just under one in five (19%) are resident in the five Host Boroughs (Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Greenwich) and over half live in London (52%).

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