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MEI finds out more about the forthcoming 'PPF Conference: Heart and Soul–Sport in the UK today' from PPF Conference event organiser 100AND10%'s event director Jonathan Wilson. The event takes place in London on 4 October 2010.

Please describe what your event's aims and ambitions are"The aim of the event is to provide delegates with an in depth understanding of the challenges facing today's professional sportspeople. The conference has been designed to showcase the key issues affecting the tens of thousands of professional sports people that make up the industry and to bring together all those interested parties to discuss, debate and understand more about these issues. "How many years have you been holding your event? "This is the first year that the conference has been run by the Professional Players' Federation and so far we have received a very positive reaction from everyone we have spoken to and so we look forward to hosting the conference and creating a new event that will be run for many years. "Why did you choose London as the location for the event? "London provides the perfect city for the conference, it's one of the major sporting cities of the world and home to a number of high profile sporting events as well as a host of sporting associations, federations and national governing bodies. Our venue, the Novotel Hotel on Euston road is also well positioned for easy access for all those travelling from the north west and the midlands which supports our aims to create an event that is national in terms of size, scale and delegate profile. "How many people do you expect to attend the event and what can they expect from attending? "We are aiming for between 150 –180 delegates in total for the event and feel, based on current sales, that this is an achievable aim. The unique nature of the content and subject make the event appeal to a wide range of people who all have an involvement in professional sport. These could be the athletes themselves, their managers and agents, the teams and clubs they belong to, their sponsors or the organisations that provide a service to the players. Delegates will leave with an understanding of the issues faced by the athletes during and after a professional career and will also have the opportunity to make new contacts among like minded peers during the numerous networking breaks. "What are the main issues that will be covered in your conference sessions? "The four main conference sessions cover a variety of topics that affect a range of sports and each of the subjects is very current. 'Betting in Sport' will focus on its impact on professionals and how to positively support this issue across all sports where as 'Performance v Recreational Drugs' will look at the matter of recreational drug users being treated in the same way as those that have used performance enhancing drugs whilst looking to determine if this should be the case. The session on 'Who Should Run Sport' will look to debate why so few players ever go on to lead the development and administration of their sport despite the fact that no one knows their sport better than the players and finally the first ever 'Chief Executives Panel' brings together the bosses of a number of the PPF's Associate Members to debate the key issues affecting professional athletes across a range of sports. "How can MEI readers find out more about your event? "The event website, www. ppfevents. org. uk will provide all the information interested parties need, alternatively you can reach our team on +44 (0) 8443 510 077. "

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