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Leading UK businesses in sport and technology will be heading to the ExCeL conference centre, London, in early December 2010 to showcase the 'Best of British' technology relevant to the business of sport.

Senior executives from around the world are flying to London to attend Technology World 2010, taking place on 7 and 8 December. Sport will be a major part of the event with a keynote speech from Roger Mosey, the BBC's director of London 2012 and a panel session on the subject of 'Enabling a Digital Olympics' which will be hosted by MEI's Rachael Church–Sanders with a panel including Infostrada Sports, Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, BT, deltatre and Lloyds Banking Group. British companies will be able to demonstrate sport and technology innovations to a global audience in the Sport and Technology Zone. They can also arrange one to one meetings with senior executives from leading global brands, including China Unacom, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Vodafone, Sony Ericsson, ARM and Seat. A spokesperson from UK Trade & Investment, the organising body for Technology World said: "With the Olympics coming to London in 2012, The Sport & Technology Zone at Technology World will provide the opportunity for British companies to interact with huge global companies and showcase their innovation. "In addition to its Digital Olympics Panel, Technology World is offering delegates the chance to hear from a range of experts in the area of digital sports in three exciting workshops that are exclusive to the Sport & Technology Zone. Each workshop will last approximately 45 minutes, comprising of a presentation for 30 minutes and audience Q&A for 15 minutes. Workshop 1 – 7 December 12. 00Social Media: Lessons for SportPresenter: Adam Vincenzini, Lead Social Media Consultant, Paratus CommunicationsWorkshop Brief:Social media expert Adam Vincenzini will present a workshop comprising advice and best practice guidelines on social media in sport and how a sports property can measure how successful their social media campaigns are. Through using case studies, they will highlight how effective sports have been to date at reaching their fans through social media and where they are going wrong or doing well. Sport has many advantages over brands in any other business as it has widespread, loyal, passionate fanbases. Social media in sport is about connecting with fans and speaking to people who may not be able to make it the match each week. What better way to reach out to those in Australia, India, USA and Europe than via social media? The biggest fear by far among teams is the same as their strongest asset.... the fans. It is a genuine hurdle that is going to take a lot to overcome. "Why should we open ourselves up to criticism on official sites? How can we control what is being said about us? " These are common questions that are being asked by sports clubs and organisations. The simple answer is that a sports property cannot control what is being said about them, it is going to happen anyway. But wouldn't they rather be involved in the conversation, be able to respond to blatant untruths and interact with those who obviously share their passion for the club or sport? Or would they prefer to bury their head in the sand and pretend it is not happening? Workshop 2: 8 December 11. 00Digital Technology and the World Rally Championships Presenter: John Nolan, Head of Digital and Commercial Content, North One TelevisionWorkshop Brief:"It's all about the technology – stupid. " The World Rally Championship (WRC) is a sport powered by technology. Without world class timing and tracking WRC would not be visible to its millions of fans around the world. Meanwhile the technology involved that was once the preserve of the military and the security forces is now available in the palm of your hand. WRC is a sport built for the digital age and whilst the deployment of the right technology is vital it needs to run in tandem with a digital strategy fit for purpose, and relevant to the Facebook generation. Only then when the technology is in place, and the strategy is running can you start to have a business. John Nolan will talk about the North One Television strategy behind the technology that delivers WRC on air, online and on mobile, and will examine the possible implications for convergent media. Workshop 3: 8 December 2. 30Enabling Engaging Mobile Content Consumption at Major Sporting EventsPresenter: Geoff McCormick, Director, TheAlloyWorkshop Brief:Geoff McCormick, Director of TheAlloy will lead a workshop demonstrating how brands, mobile network operators and major sporting event and brands can use mobile communications to engage with their audiences in new ways. This workshop will address the use of mobile technologies at major events and the importance of delivering relevant user experiences over mobile communications. He will also cover mobile engagement for viewers and listeners to sporting events through messaging, polling and feedback. The workshop will enable mobile network operators, brands and sporting events to understand how to develop an engaging programme of content through mobile devices. Companies can get involved in Technology World either as a delegate or an exhibitor at www. technologyworlduk. com.

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