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ScreenReach Interactive, a tech start up from the UK, has announced the use of its Screach platform by marketing company Think Innovative and its client Newcastle United to enable for the first time ever fans at home games, starting on 5 March 2011 with Newcastle v Everton, to interactively vote with their Smartphone for their Fans' 'Man of the Match.'

Promoted on Real Radio and running to the end of the season, all fans need to do to vote is simply download the FREE SCREACH App from the App store, hit the SCREACH tab and enter code 9 while the Match is on– the experience will load and fans can select their Fans' Man of the Match. Screach is a new, unique interactive digital media platform that allows anyone to create real–time two way interactive experiences between a smart device (through the Screach App) and any content, on any screen with no need for additional hardware. The Screachxml language can create all kinds of interactive experiences, transforming Smartphones into quiz answer pads, polling tools, games controllers and much, much more. The two–way nature of Screach means consumers can interact with content and win instant, real–world prizes sent straight to their Smart Device – giving consumers compelling reasons to engage with digital signage, TV shows and ads in new and exciting ways. This is a huge step forward for new media, and its exciting that the world's first interactive media [was] launched locally at the home match where Newcastle United take on Everton, said Think Innovative director, John Atkinson. For me as both a fan and running company that is constantly thinking of new ways to get interaction between brands and customers, I just think this Fans' Man of the Match campaign is where its at right now, " he added. Paul Rawlings, CEO of ScreenReach, added: In modern life we are surrounded by screens, but most of them offer a passive, one way experience. With Screach these screens can become fully interactive; giving in this case football clubs an opportunity to really engage their fans on a whole new level. As a fan myself I just think its brilliant to be able to vote for who I want in real–time and even get rewarded. " Fans can vote as many times as they like. Votes can be cast either while fans are at the match, or listening to commentary on Real Radio or online. To celebrate the launch of the SCREACH Man of the Match Newcastle United is giving everybody who votes a 20% discount for the Official Club Store. If a fan logs in through Facebook, theyll also have their face displayed on the virtual team sheet on the screens in bar concourse areas. About ScreenReach InteractiveScreenReach Interactive, a UK based tech start up has already raised over $1. 2m in seed Angel funding since its establishment in mid–2010. Its Screach platform and App can make any screen, anywhere fully two–way interactive at no set up cost and with no additional hardware needed – just a screen, a smart device and a bit of imagination. Screenreach recently launched its Screach platform at Demo2011 Spring (www. demo. com) and has recently announced a raft of live contracts with the likes of RMG Networks (interactive experiences in 800 coffee shops in the US) & The Royal Armouries Museum (interactive exhbits) which in the first month alone had over 12, 000 interactions, compared to only 107 check ins at the same location achieved by other location–based services. Learn more at: http://www. screenreach. com

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