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Counter Terror Expo is the world beating and highly specialised event for those who are tasked with the demanding and complex role of delivering a robust defence against the threat posed from international terrorism. The event brings together the world's foremost experts from government, armed forces, security services, law enforcement, and academia annually, in order to share real–life experience, debate strategies, brainstorm issues, shape policy, and define effective counter terrorism measures. MEI asked the Counter Terror Expo team to tell us more about the event that is due to take place between 19–20 April 2011........

Please describe what your event's aims and ambitions are:" Counter Terror Expo is the premier global event for professionals tasked with ensuring a formidable and effective response to the threats we face today. Established with the intent to deliver a unique and secure environment in which professionals within the critically important counter–terrorism arena can come together to share experience and gain knowledge, the event has grown exponentially to be a truly key gathering of the leading experts in the field from within government, military, the security services, law enforcement and academia worldwide. " How many years have you been holding your event? " Two years – 2011 will be the third year this expo will be held. " Why did you choose London as the location for the event? " Because London is an International hub and home to many important organisations, media partners and industry bodies within the security sector. " How many people do you expect to attend the event and what can they expect from attending? " Counter Terror Expo 2010 delivered over 6, 987 international attendees. The 2011 event is expected to deliver 9, 000, with the attendees coming from a range of public and private sectors including: – Armed Forces– Architects– Border Control– Central and Local Government– Civil Defence– Critical National Infrastructure– Corporate / Blue Chip– Construction– Customs– Embassies– Events, Venues, Stadia – Emergency Response– Finance and Banking– FTSE 500 Companies Home Office– Hotels– Intelligence Services– Insurance and Legal Services– MoD– Police– Prisons– Retail– Systems Integrators– Supply Chain and Logistics– Prime Contractors– Transportation including Aviation, Maritime, and Rail. " What are the main issues that will be covered in your conference sessions? " The programme for our conference sessions is as follows:Day One – Tuesday 19 April 2011 Global Counter Terrorism 0800 – 1740Critical National Infastructure and Resilience 0800 – 1730Designing Out Terrorism 0800 – 1730Emergency Services 0800 – 1730Day Two – Wednesday 20 April 2011Global Counter Terrorism 0800 –1630Critical National Infastructure and Resilience 0800 – 1600Cyber Security and Electronic Terrorism 0800 – 1630Protecting Crowded Places 0800 – 1630. " Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your event? " There are several new elements for 2011:– IVE DEMONSTRATION SHOWCASE (EOD & IEDD)– SURVEILLANCE DARK ROOM – SOFTWARE CAPABILITY ZONE For more information please visit www. counterterrorexpo. com/meilive for a Live Demonstration Showcase. " How can MEI readers find out more about your event? " They can do this in a number of ways, via our website, by e–mail or by calling us. " Website: www. counterterrorexpo. com/mei Tel: + 44 (0) 208 542 9090Email: ngreenaway@niche–events. com

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