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Sports governing bodies haven't changed approach to marketing in 20 years, says 20 Years of Sport keynote speaker Patrick Nally.

So what happens next? Patrick Nally, the renowned sports marketing guru, has given a provocative preview of his planned keynote speech at Sportcal's 20 Years of Sport event at Clifford Chance in London on 11 May 2011. 20 Years of Sport, or 20YS for short, is a unique global gathering of the sports industry where senior executives from all sectors of the industry will come together to reflect on the last 20 years of sport and discuss and debate what the next 20 years might look like. Nally said: " Over the last 20 years, it has been interesting to see how the sport governing bodies have not substantially changed their approach to global marketing. " In the late 1970s, early 80s, the international sports federations were very amateur bodies. Then FIFA took the initiative to secure control of its rights to major events around the world and packaged those rights to a group of non–competing sponsors. " The Olympic Movement followed FIFA's lead with the national Olympic committees successfully regaining control of the Olympic rings, which resulted in the IOC creating the TOP programme. " UEFA expanded the concept with the European Champions League, introducing music anthems, opening sequences and combined sponsor advertising, and Dentsu Inc. , one of the early supporters of the package concept, has used it successfully to continue to market rights for the IAAF, FINA, the Asian Games and other federations. " Packaging commercial rights has become the accepted norm for the way in which sport federations market their rights and, having been involved with FIFA, the IOC and many other international federation in conceiving the concept, I am amazed at how well it has stood the test of time " In the beginning, packages were priced to achieve certain financial targets for the sport and no thought was given to actual value or measurable return. It just shows how robust the approach was, and it made federations financially secure and professional. " The big question now is what happens next? We continue to see rapid changes in communications media. Advertising in the conventional sense of the past is now broken. The audience is not so easy to reach. Sponsors are looking for something more than off–the–shelf rights packages. Broadcasters cannot buy rights with 'assured' media income. " For me, the last 20 years have seen the success of packaging of international and domestic sports rights reaching unprecedented heights. What will fascinate me during the next 20 years is seeing how things will change!" The future packaging of sports sponsorship rights in a fragmented market will be one of the topics discussed during the Sponsors, Brands and Sports Marketing session at 20 Years of Sport. The other sessions are: Events, Bidding and Hosting; Media, Social Media and Technology; and Sport Entertainment and Betting. About Patrick NallyPatrick Nally is widely credited as the 'Founding Father' of sports marketing and acknowledged as a pioneer of the sponsorship industry. The fundamentals of sports marketing were laid down in the mid–1970s when Patrick formed the West Nally agency – regarded by many as the 'university of sports marketing' – and created acclaimed marketing rights package concepts with Fifa, the IOC, IAAF World Championships, IRB World Cup and many others. In 1988 Marketing magazine described Nally, along with Adidas owner Horst Dassler and IMG founder Mark McCormack, as one of the " three godfathers of sport" who at one time, between them, " controlled the commercial destinies of almost every major sports event in the world. " About 20 Years of SportPatrick Nally is joined by Terrence Burns of Helios Partners among the confirmed speakers for 20 Years of Sport. Other high–calibre speakers will be announced imminently. The event will attract industry leaders and decisions makers from all sectors of the sports industry. Rights holders, broadcasters, brands, sponsors, agencies, government organisations, Olympic committees, cities and service providers will all come together to share their ideas and exchange their knowledge. Thanks to a Principal Partners, Clifford Chance, the event will be held at its state–of–the–art exhibition venue in Canary Wharf. Book your place today for 20YS and be part of a unique day for the sports industry and find out who has been the most influential person in sport in the last 20 years. To register for 20YS visit the link below or contact the sales team: W: 20ys. sportcal. com E: sales@sportcal. comT: +44 20 8944 8786

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