Security scare for rapper

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Rapper 50 Cent had a scare when a fan stormed the stage at a show in Brazil in mid–July 2010.

The fan rushed the stage and launched himself at 'Fiddy' before the rapper's sidekick Lloyd Banks stepped in to save him. Banks wrestled the man to the ground before he and security staff got him off the stage, website Hip Hop Wired reports. 50 Cent–who has launched a petition against fellow rapper P Diddy because he feels his rival is exploiting the memory of Notrious B. I. G – wasted no time getting on with the show and continued performing his track 'Ayo Technology'. 50 Cent recently embarked on the Invitation Tour in the US, and afterward, the star and his G–Unit crew headed to Brazil for a string of dates. Overzealous stage–jumpers aside, 50 said fans can expect a lot of variety from his upcoming stage shows. "Because of the technology, there's no real mystique to your actual performance anymore. After the first show, that's gonna be on YouTube. So I have to keep changing the set so that it's not the same show every night, " 50 told Cleveland. com. "I got so much material, I could actually perform for three hours straight, so it's easier for me to make the decision to change music than a newer artist that doesn't have that kind of catalog, where they can keep switching songs to play music that people are going to enjoy. "

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