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Sportcal has partnered with Sport Event Denmark, the Danish national sports event organisation, to enable sessions at 20 Years of Sport at Clifford Chance in London on 11 May 2011 to be viewed and shared via YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Social media will be one of the topics under discussion at the event, at which over 200 leading sports executives will gather to reflect on the last 20 years of sport and discuss and debate what the next 20 years might hold for the sports industry, and the partnership with Sport Event Denmark will ensure that 20 Years of Sport, or #20YS for short, will walk the talk. Video interviews with keynote speakers will be made during the event and posted on social media – in order to spread and share the valuable knowledge and thoughts that #20YS is sure to provoke. Mike Laflin, Sportcal's CEO, said: " At Sportcal we are already using social media including Twitter to communicate our news and we warmly welcome this partership with Sport Event Denmark, a pioneer in the use of social media, to ensure that the debate and discussion at 20 Years of Sport is available to as many people as possible. " Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark, said: " In line with today's fast–paced society, it has become quite common for sports event organisations to incorporate digital media in their overall business plan. Digital media, and the internet in general, is able to provide the fastest, easiest, most cost–efficient way to distribute information and/or create awareness for events. And still, we often hear sceptics in the sports world discussing the complexities related to digital media. What tools should be used? Will our key messages be understood using digital media channels? Can digital media eliminate the need for other communication platforms? " Sport Event Denmark uses a variety of digital tools after the event to post new information or impressions from the event for the benefit of the fans and spectators. This approach stems from Sport Event Denmark's philosophy of operating in close co–operation with the event rights holder, the local organising committee and the host city, from the vital bidding process to the careful planning and marketing, until the event is successfully delivered. " Working with Sportcal on this conference is our contribution to the discussion on 20 Years of Sport – sharing the key discussions with colleagues and friends within the sports business industry. " Compared with traditional marketing, digital media is extremely cost–effective, as Sport Event Denmark will show at #20YS: all it takes is a small video camera and access to the Internet, and the event can be shared in a few seconds!Tune in and stay tuned on: YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. 20 Years of Sport promises to be one of the key events of 2011 and many senior executives have already booked their place to be part of 20YS and to share their views on the future of sport. The event has already attracted industry leaders and decisions makers from all sectors of the sports industry. Rights holders, broadcasters, brands, sponsors, agencies, government organisations, Olympic committees, cities and service providers will all come together to share their ideas and exchange their knowledge. The Live Lounge area of the event will feature an 'Interviews' area where senior executives will be asked for their opinions and comments on the latest trends in the sports industry and the interviews will then be posted on the event website. Francis Tellier, CEO of HBS, Paul Bristow, managing director of deltatre Media and Melcior Soler, consultant and former head of sports rights acquisition for Sogecable, will be joining the Media, Internet and Technology panel. Meanwhile, Chris Lightfoot, CEO of Whitestone International, and Annabel Pritchard, London 2012 sponsorship director for Deloitte, will join the Sponsors, Brands and Sports Marketing panel. 20 Years of Sport, or 20YS for short, will be held at Clifford Chance's state–of–the–art offices in Canary Wharf in London on 11 May 2011. The day promises to be one of the key events of 2011 and many senior executives have already booked their place to be part of 20YS and to share their views on the future of sport. To register for 20YS contact the sales team:W: 20ys. sportcal. comE: sales@sportcal. comT: +44 20 8944 8786

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