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European sports fans believe the match day experience is the lowest priority for club owners, with the majority claiming that "foreign owners do not have the best interests of their club at heart', according to new survey findings released today by Havas Sports & Entertainment, organisers of the fourth annual Global Sports Forum Barcelona (GSFB), 7–9 March, 2012 "

In the survey sports fans ranked the match day experience bottom in a list of club owners priorities behind: selling merchandise, maximising ticket sales, signing sponsors and winning matches. In addition 63. 3% of respondents stated that they dont want foreign owners in their domestic league, with 52. 1% claiming that foreign owners do not have the best interests of their club at heart and more than half (50. 8%) worried that clubs would be left in turmoil when a foreign owner leaves. The research was carried out among sports fans across seven European markets as part of the GSFBs focus on the Globalisation of sport. The findings, along with other topics affecting the sports industry, will be discussed by the Forums 1, 000+ delegates, including leading rights holders, brand representatives, athletes and personalities from the world of sport. Lucien Boyer, Global President and CEO, Havas Sports & Entertainment and General Commissioner of the Global Sports Forum Barcelona, said: Technology and globalisation have helped more sports clubs reach a wider fan base, but all club owners must not forget their regular and dedicated fan base, who deserve the best possible match day experience. A clubs most committed and passionate supporters are an integral part of its identity and can be one of the main reasons why a club can gain global appeal. Owners, whilst focussing on the teams development on the pitch and commercial potential off it, must remember to keep its loyal fan base happy and work with them to grow the club. Its a crucial time for owners to balance the imperative for results with its relationship with fans and the long–term sustainability of its club. Thats why we are staging a panel debate on Football and Finance: the dangers ahead featuring Dan Jones, Partner, Sports Business Group at Deloitte and Philippe Rasmussen, Financial Fair Play Manager at UEFA on Thursday, 8 March. In other findings, the internet has surpassed TV as the primary platform for 18 to 35 year–old sports fans to watch their favourite sport, according to new research conducted for GSFB. The findings show that 36. 1% of this sport hungry demographic across Europe sign–in online to watch their favourite sport or team play on a weekly basis, compared with just 32. 1% who do so on television. It represents a significant shift in the way young people watch sport, after research in 2011, conducted by the Global Sports Forum Barcelona, showed that TV was still the leader for sports video content for this age group. Advertisers, content providers, broadcasters, rights holders and athletes will all be affected by the changing ways sport is watched. As a result, it is a topic which will be at the forefront of the debate at the GSFB, as the likes of Claude Ruibal, Head of Sport Content at You Tube, and Eric Le–Lay, CEO and Chairman of Eurosport, take part in a panel session on TV vs Web Round #2 for sport. The Global Sports Forum Barcelona will take place in Palau de Congressos de Catalunya in Barcelona from 7 – 9 March. Now in its fourth year, the GSFB continues to attract the sports industrys leading figures, delegates from more than 50 countries set to attend. LOCOG Chairman, Sebastian Coe, will be joined by leading brand and rights holder representatives, including Emmanuel Seugÿ, Head of Sport & Entertainment Marketing at Coca–Cola, Christophe Pillet, Design Director at Lacoste, and Thierry Weil, Marketing Director at FIFA. To download a copy of the Global Sports Forum Barcelona agenda, go to: http://www. globalsportsforum. org/wp–content/uploads/Agenda–2012. pdf. To register, go to: http://globalsportsforum. mediactive. fr and follow the on–screen registration instructions. Members of the press are invited to attend free of charge.

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